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indexBook reviews are great ways to promote your book and increase you book sales.? When formulating your book marketing plan include a creative way to use book reviews.? A good book review can land you on a best seller list or put you into the seven figure bracket for sales profits.? What is your current or planned use of book reviews?? Are you submitting your book to websites, book groups or newspapers?? Focus on connecting with any niche associated with your book?s genre or its subject matter addresses.? Once you?ve identified these resources, reach out to them and try to establish a relationship that will create multiple sales.? Here are three examples of uncommon book reviews:

Schools ? Educational institutions whether grammar or collegiate are a great source of book promotion.? If your book is student friendly consider contacting your local board of education.

Corporations ? Depending on the topic of your book, you can contact one or several companies and suggesting the benefits of their employees reading your book and the effect it will have on morale and productivity within the company.

Environmental ? Any books offering information or stories on camping, backpacking, boating etc. can be marketed to and through stores, companies and websites that support that lifestyle.
Schools offer an uncommon and irregular channel through which you can sell your book.? If you get your book into the right hands at home the board of education, you can then get your book into several hands throughout your school district.? Contact the board of education and find out who is responsible for accepting books into the school system. If your book is not child friendly but would appeal to education professions offer a discount to the employees that work for the school system.

Corporations can provide a new way to advertise your book.? A few years ago I worked for a global insurance brokerage firm.? During a department meeting our manager announced that we would all be reading a book entitled Who Stole My Cheese.? Some of us welcomed the opportunity while others shunned the book.? Each of us who read the book was transformed into an individual marketing tool.? Even those who chose not to read the small book filled with change embracing techniques became advertisers inadvertently.? Simply by being exposed to the book on a corporate level had us all talking about the book and of course we took our conversations and reviews outside of our cubicles and work environment.

Environmental companies, stores and websites are great places to promote your book.? They can purchase the books outright for themselves or promote it for you through their various mediums.? When you think about your book, its audience, the niche, its genre or the benefits it offers, try to identify where it could fit in as an addition to some other product.? Is your book a chick lit?? Why not sell it retail to companies that offer gift packages for women?? Be creative and try to think outside of the box.? I apologize for the clich?, but it works.


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